Military Ships

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A Class Submarine
Triang-Minic M817 A Class Submarine
Triang-Minic M818 A Class Submarine Reconstructed
Aframax Oil Tanker
Triang-Minic P632 Aframax Tanker Delta Tankers
Aggressive/Acme Class Minesweeper
Triang-Minic P860 USS Acme MSO-508
Triang-Minic P860 USS Advance MSO-510
Triang-Minic P860 USS Affrey MSO-11
Triang-Minic P860 USS Ardroit MSO-509
Triang-Minic P860 USS Impervious MSO-449
Air Stores
Navwar RFA Reliant A84
Aircraft Carrier
Triang-Minic HMS Albion Commando Carrier
Triang-Minic M751 HMS Bulwark
Triang-Minic M752 HMS Centaur
Triang-Minic M753 HMS Albion
Albion Class LSD
Triang-Minic P710 HMS Albion L14
Triang-Minic P710 HMS Bulwark L15
Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missle Destroyer
Triang-Minic P840-102 USS Sampson DDG-102
Triang-Minic P840-81 USS Winston S Churchill DDG-81
Triang-Minic P840-82 USS Lassen DDG-82
Triang-Minic P840-83 USS Howard DDG-83
Triang-Minic P840-98 USS Forrest Sherman DDG-98
Armament Stores
Navwar RFA Armament Stores
Armament Support
Navwar RFA Armament Support
Avenger Class Mine Hunter
Triang-Minic P860 USS Ardent MCM-12
Triang-Minic P860 USS Chief MCM-14
Triang-Minic P860 USS Dextrous MCM-13
Triang-Minic P860 USS Gladiator MCM-11
Triang-Minic P860 USS Guardian MCM-5
Battle Class Destroyer
Triang-Minic HMS Agincourt D86
Triang-Minic HMS Dunkirk D09
Triang-Minic M779 HMS Alamein D17
Triang-Minic M780 HMS Jutland D62
Triang-Minic M781 HMAS Anzac D59
Triang-Minic M782 HMAS Tobruk D37
Triang-Minic M741 HMS Vanguard
Blackwood Type 14 Class Frigate
Navwar Blackwood Type 14 Class Frigate
Triang-Minic M721 HMY Britannia
Triang-Minic M721H HMY Britannia Hospital Ship
Bustler Class Fleet Tug
Triang-Minic M810 HMS Turmoil W169
Capesize Bulk Carrier
Triang-Minic P644 Bulk Carrier Torm Bulk
Cargo Ships
Triang-Minic P610 SS President Buchanan (American President Lines)
Triang-Minic P611 SS Volunteer Mariner (Matson Lines)
Triang-Minic P612 Maersk Lines
Triang-Minic P613 Rickmers Line
Channel Island Steamer
Triang-Minic M722 Isle of Jersey
Triang-Minic M723 Isle of Guernsey
Triang-Minic M724 Isle of Sark
Combined Fleet Stores and Tanker
Navwar RFA Fort Victoria A387
Container Ships
Triang-Minic P622 MV Table Bay - P & O
Triang-Minic P623 MV City of Durban - Ellerman City Lines
County Class Destroyer
Navwar County Class Destroyer Batch 1
Navwar County Class Destroyer Batch 2
Triang-Minic M783 HMS Hampshire D06
Triang-Minic M784 HMS Kent D12
Triang-Minic M785 HMS Devonshire D02
Triang-Minic M786 HMS London D16
Daring Class Destroyer
Navwar Daring Class Destroyer
Triang-Minic HMS Defender D114
Triang-Minic HMS Delight D119
Triang-Minic HMS Diamond D35
Triang-Minic HMS Duchess D154
Triang-Minic M771 HMS Daring D05
Triang-Minic M772 HMS Diana D126
Triang-Minic M773 HMS Dainty D108
Triang-Minic M774 HMS Decoy D106
Fleet Support
Navwar RFA Diligence A132
Floating Support Vessels
Triang-Minic M885 Floating Dock
Triang-Minic P676 Barge
Triang-Minic P678 Floating Crane
Fort Class Dry Stores
Navwar RFA Fort Class Dry Stores
Helicopter Support
Navwar RFA Engadine K08
Hunt Class Mine Sweeper
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Atherstone M38
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Bicester M36
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Brecon M29
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Brocklesbury M33
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Cattistock M31
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Chiddington M37
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Cottesmore M32
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Dulverton M35
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Hurworth M39
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Ledbury M30
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Middleton M34
Triang-Minic P765 HMS Quorn M41
Invincible Class Carrier
Triang-Minic P700 HMS Ark Royal R07
Triang-Minic P700 HMS Illustrious R06
Triang-Minic P700 HMS Invincible R05
Landing Ship Logistics
Navwar RFA Landing Ships Logistics
Leander Type 12L Class Frigate
Navwar Leander Type 12L Class Frigate
Navwar Leander Type 12L Class (Ikara conversion) Frigate
Navwar Leander Type 12L Class (Seacat conversion) Frigate
Navwar Leander Type 12L Class (Seawolf conversion) Frigate
Leopard Type 41 Class Frigate
Navwar Leopard Type 41 Class Frigate
Triang-Minic M696 CALSHOT SPIT
Triang-Minic M696 GREENWICH
Triang-Minic M696 NANTUCKET
Triang-Minic M696 OVERFALLS
Triang-Minic M735 SUNK
Triang-Minic M736 SHAMBLES
Triang-Minic M737 CORK
Triang-Minic M738 VARNE
Triang-Minic M739 ST GOWAN
Los Angeles Class Submarine
Triang-Minic P890 USN Los Angeles Class SSN
Ness Class Combat Stores
Navwar RFA Ness Class Combat Stores
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier
Triang-Minic P800-68 USS Nimitz CVN-68
Triang-Minic P800-69 USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN-69
Triang-Minic P800-73 USS George Washington CVN-73
Triang-Minic P800-76 USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76
Ohio Class Class Submarine
Triang-Minic P895 USN Ohio Class SSBN
Oil Tanker
Triang-Minic M732 SS Varicella
OL Class Tanker
Navwar RFA OL Class Tanker
Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missle Frigate
Triang-Minic P850-28 USS Boone FFG-28
Triang-Minic P850-38 USS Curts FFG-38
Triang-Minic P850-43 USS Thach FFG-43
Triang-Minic P850-47 USS Nicholas FFG-47
Triang-Minic P850-48 USS Vandegrift FFG-48
Paddle Steamer
Triang-Minic M728 PS Britannia
Triang-Minic M729 PS Bristol Queen
Triang-Minic M730 PS Cardiff Queen
Pilot Boat
Triang-Minic M726 Pilot Boat
Triang-Minic P695 Pilot Boat
Rothesay Type 12M Frigate
Navwar Rothesay Type 12M Frigate
Rover Class Tanker
Navwar RFA Rover Class Tanker
Salisbury Type 61 Class Frigate
Navwar Salisbury Type 61 Class Frigate
Sandown Class Mine Hunter
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Bangor M109
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Blyth M111
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Bridport M105
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Cromer M103
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Grimsby M108
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Inverness M102
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Pembroke M107
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Penzance M106
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Ramsey M110
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Sandown M101
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Shoreham M112
Triang-Minic P760 HMS Walney M104
Spruance Class Destroyer
Triang-Minic P320-963 USS Spruance DD-963
Triang-Minic P320-965 USS Kinkaid DD-965
Triang-Minic P320-969 USS Peterson DD-969
Triang-Minic P320-972 USS Oldendorf DD-972
Triang-Minic P320-985 USS Cushing DD-985
Swiftsure Class Crusier
Triang-Minic M761 HMS Swiftsure
Triang-Minic M762 HMS Superb
Ticonderoga Class Guided Missle Cruiser
Triang-Minic P820-52 USS Bunker Hill CG-52
Triang-Minic P820-59 USS Princeton CG-59
Triang-Minic P820-62 USS Chancellorsville CG-62
Triang-Minic P820-63 USS Cowpens CG-63
Triang-Minic P820-66 USS Hue City CG-66
Tide Class Replenishment Oiler
Navwar RFA Tide Class Replenishment Oiler
Ton Class Minesweeper
Triang-Minic M799 HMS Repton M1167
Triang-Minic M800 HMS Dufton M1145
Triang-Minic M801 HMS Ashton M1198
Triang-Minic M802 HMS Calton M1118
Triang-Minic M803 HMS Picton M1170
Triang-Minic M804 HMS Sefton M1179
Triang-Minic M805 HMS Upton M1187
Triang-Minic M806 HMS Wiston M1205
Trafalgar Class Submarine
Triang-Minic P790 RN Trafalgar Class SSN
Tribal Type 81 Class Frigate
Navwar Tribal Type 81 Class Frigate
Triang-Minic M731 Steam Tug
Triang-Minic M731 Steam Tug
Triang-Minic P670 Steam Tugs
Triang-Minic P672 Diesel Tugs
Type 15 Frigate
Triang-Minic HMS Verulam F29
Triang-Minic M787 HMS Vigilant F93
Triang-Minic M788 HMS Venus F50
Triang-Minic M789 HMS Virago F76
Triang-Minic M790 HMS Volage F41
Type 22/3 Frigate
Triang-Minic P720 HMS Campbletown F86
Triang-Minic P720 HMS Chatham F87
Triang-Minic P720 HMS Cornwall F99
Triang-Minic P720 HMS Cumberland F85
Type 23 Duke Class Frigate
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Argyll F231
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Grafton F80
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Iron Duke F234
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Kent F78
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Lancaster F229
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Marlborough F233
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Monmouth F235
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Montrose F236
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Norfolk F230
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Northumberland F238
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Portland F79
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Richmond F239
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Somerset F82
Triang-Minic P730 HMS St Albans F83
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Sutherland F81
Triang-Minic P730 HMS Westminster F237
Type 42/1 Destroyer
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Glasgow D88
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Birmingham D86
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Cardiff D108
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Coventry D118
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Newcastle D87
Triang-Minic P740 HMS Sheffield D80
Type 42/2 Destroyer
Triang-Minic P745 HMS Exeter D89
Triang-Minic P745 HMS Liverpool D92
Triang-Minic P745 HMS Nottingham D91
Triang-Minic P745 HMS Southampton D90
Type 42/3 Destroyer
Triang-Minic P750 HMS Edinburgh D97
Triang-Minic P750 HMS Gloucester D96
Triang-Minic P750 HMS Manchester D95
Triang-Minic P750 HMS York D98
Type 45 Destroyer
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Daring D32
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Dauntless D33
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Defender D36
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Diamond D34
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Dragon D35
Triang-Minic P755 HMS Duncan D37
Vanguard Class Submarine
Triang-Minic P770 RN Vanguard Class SSBN
Wave Class Fleet Tanker
Navwar RFA Wave Class Fleet Tanker
Triang-Minic M733 TSS Vikingen
Triang-Minic M734 Whale Chaser
Whitby Class Frigate
Triang-Minic HMS Eastbourne F73
Triang-Minic HMS Scarborough F63
Triang-Minic M791 HMS Whitby F36
Triang-Minic M792 HMS Torquay F43
Triang-Minic M793 HMS Blackpool F77
Triang-Minic M794 HMS Tenby F65
Whitby Type 12 Class Frigate
Navwar Whitby Type 12 Class Frigate